Doll cradle plans

There are two versions of this free doll cradle design.

Version 1 of the doll cradle plans is about 330mm (13 in) long, 260mm (10.25 in) wide and 235mm (9.25 in) high.

This version is a PDF (Portable Document File) including the instructions with photographs and full size templates.

Version 2 of the plan is almost twice the size, at 600mm (23.6 in) long, 470mm (18.5 in) wide and 430mm (16.9 in) high.

Clicking on the link downloads a zip file containing full size templates and instructions. Your computer software should be able to unzip the files.

Print the plans on your home printer and use the full size templates to cut out the shapes.

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For this project you can use MDF or plywood ¼ inch (6mm) or 3/8 inch (9.5mm) thick.

You will also need the following consumable items:

  • Sanding block with 120 and 80 grit sandpaper.
  • Duct tape.
  • Thin card for making templates.


This is a list of tools that I used to complete this project

  • Bandsaw or jigsaw or coping saw.
  • Tenon saw, also known as a back saw.
  • Power drill corded or battery powered.
  • 8mm drill bit.
  • Smoothing plane.
  • Combination square.
  • Sliding bevel.
  • Woodworking clamps
  • A half round wood cut file or wood rasp.
  • Sanding block with 120 and 80 grit sandpaper.
  • Duct tape.
  • Thin card for making templates.

Step by step instructions.

When I am starting a new project, I find it helpful to read through the instructions first.

This is a copy of the instructions contained in the e-books for Version 1 and Version 2.

1. Make a template by pasting the profile onto a piece of thin card and cut out the shape.

2. Trace the parts onto the wood and cut out the shapes with a jigsaw and clean up the edges with the smoothing plane and wood file.

3. To cut out the heart shape, first drill a hole to fit the size of your jigsaw blade.

4. Measure the angle with the sliding bevel and plane the bottom of the two sides to this angle.

5. Using bits of leftover timber to make two right angle jigs similar to the one in the photo above.

6. Line up one end to one side and apply the duct tape. In effect, this forms a hinge. Lay the end flat and apply a thin bead of glue as shown in the photo. Be sure that the bevel is facing the right way.

7. Fold up the end making sure the corner remains flush. Clamp the right angle jig in place and check for squareness. The photo shows the parts held in place with weights (in this case, the paint tin).

8. Do the same for the other half, making sure you have a handed pair.

9. Once the glue has set, tape and glue the two halves together. Note how a piece of timber is wedged under so that the top is about level.

10. Once the glue has set, it may be necessary to trim the edges with the smoothing plane as shown in the photo.

11. Cut the floor slightly oversize and glue it in place as shown in the photo.

12. The workpiece is clamped securely to the bench and the floor trimmed flush. This will put the joints under stress, so it may be a good idea to leave the glue to set overnight.

13. All that remains is to glue the rocker ends and the project is complete.

Painting and finishing.

Paint or finish the project in colours of your choice.


I hope you will enjoy making this project from these free doll cradle plans. 

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More Doll Cradle Plans

Project plans at very reasonable cost available from Woodworkers Workshop.

Doll Furniture Cradle Woodworking Plan from Sherwood Patter

  • Height: 11 inches (27.9 cm)
  • Width: 21 inches (53.3 cm)

Price: $12.95

Doll Cradle Plans

Plan No. 29-KF10

Full size paper patterns for our popular baby cradle reduced to doll size! Sure to be your favorite piece of doll furniture.

  • Height: 19 inches (47.5 cm)
  • Width: 21 inches (52.5 cm)
  • Depth: 11 inches (27.5 cm)

Price: $11.95

Plan No.  19-W3602

FULL SIZE patterns to make your own doll furniture perfectly sized for a 15 inch long baby doll like the American Girl® Bitty Baby doll shown here! Your child can rock a favorite baby doll to sleep in our Swinging Doll Cradle Woodworking Plan. The project features simple construction from 3/4 inch thick pine (or a wood of your choice)

Plan No. 31-MD-00042

Full size patterns.

Now that you have given your kids (or grandkids) armloads of dolls and stuffed animals, they are probably ready for some pint-sized furniture for their make-believe friends.

  • Finished Dimensions
  • Width: 25 inches (62.5 cm)
  • Depth: 17.25 inches (43.125 cm)

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