Free Rocking Horse Plans

A beginner will find it easy to master the art of making a splendid rocking horse from any one of these popular free rocking horse plans.

A rocking horse is not a substitute for a real horse, but for a little boy or girl, it has to be the best present ever. Especially if it has been made by you.

One of the best things about a project like this is that you can make it with common tools using project timber, unlike many other woodworking projects which require expensive machinery. Table saws are very popular among woodworkers, but not everyone has the space for one.

You don't have to be a skilled woodworker to make a rocking horse. It is the kind of project which invariably succeeds, given an enthusiastic and persistent approach.

The simple designs will appeal to woodworkers of all skill levels. Even experienced woodworkers will find plenty of opportunity for exercising their skills.

Many rocking horses are made by people with very little experience, so even if you doubt that you can do it, I encourage you to give it a go. There will always be somebody out there to help if you need it.

Most people make rocking horses because it's something they really enjoy doing for their family or friends. What if there was a way to earn an income by sharing your passion?

rocking_horse_01t2w350.jpg Free rocking horse plan Taylor with a seat height of 400mm or almost 16 inches.

The latest design to solve the problem of joining the legs to the body and the rockers.

Rocking Horse Andy

Not one, but TWO free plans for a rocking horse called Andy with a seat height of 500mm (20 inches) and Andy Junior with a seat height of 350mm (14 inches.)

Free Rocking Horse Plans mk3 Pinto rocking horse.

Another simple design, easy to make, complete with photos and construction notes.

Seat height of 400mm or almost 16 inches.

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Free Rocking Horse Plans 06 Free rocking horse plans - Standard.

Instant free download, complete with photos and step by step instructions. This design features a mane and tail made from wool.

Seat height of 470mm or about 18 inches.

Free Rocking Horse Plans w3 A smaller version of the same free rocking horse plan.

Similar to the design above, this is a smaller version with the same features.

Seat height of 350mm or about 14 inches.

image-files/rocking-horse-plan-taylor1.jpg Desktop rocking horse plan Taylor.

This miniature desktop rocking horse is based on Taylor and stands about 200mm or 8 inches high.

Full size free plans include building instructions with photos and diagrams.

image-files/rocking-horse-plan-andy2.jpg Desktop rocking horse plan Andy.

This miniature desktop rocking horse is based on Andy and stands about 200mm or 8 inches high.

Full size free plans include building instructions with photos and diagrams.

More Free Plans

The Rocking Rooster is very interesting action toy from a book called Toy Craft written by Leon H Baxter. It is suitable for children as young as two years of age.

From Shopsmith - A Classic Design That Will Bring A Big Smile To The Face of A Special Child.

Audrey's rocking horse from Binky's Workshop .

Free rocking horse pattern from Better Homes and Gardens.


Photo Gallery a place to showcase your rocking horse project.

Toy Safety includes a link to child safe paints.

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