Pedal Car Plans

Amazing pedal car plans you can build. Surprise that someone special by building them a custom pedal car. It does not really matter how old they are because everyone loves surprises. Imagine the look on their faces when you present them with your beautifuly crafted custom pedal car.

A pedal car project makes a great father and son project, or grandfather and grandson project. They are having so much fun, soon the whole family wants to become involved. What better way to learn how to make things.

It is so much more fun when you invest some time and effort into a project like this, a way of spending quality time together and making memories that will last forever.

Sure, it is easy to just go and buy one, but it means so much more to a child if someone close to them actually made it.

There is nothing to compare the sense of accomplishment of making something unique that will be treasured forever.

Unique pedal car plans that look like cartoon airplanes.

toy pedal airplane 05

Price $32.99

  • Cloudbuster Pedal Airplane, blueprints and assembly plans.
  • Choice of simple plywood and rib & spar fabric covered wings.
  • Assembly guide with over 40 photos included with each plan set.
toy pedal airplane

Price $32.99

    P-40 Kiddyhawk jr. Pedal Airplane, blueprints and assembly plans.
  • Includes full sized part drawings and assembly tips.
  • Assembly guide with over 40 photos.
toy pedal airplane 04

Price $32.99

  • F4u-1 Corsair Jr. Pedal Airplane, blueprints and assembly plans.
  • Choice of simple plywood and rib & spar fabric covered wings.
  • Assembly guide with over 40 photos included with each plan set.
toy pedal airplane 02

Price $32.99

  • Skyracer 1&2 Pedal Airplane, blueprints and assembly plans.
  • Full sized part drawings and assembly tips.
  • Assembly guide with over 40 photos included with each plan set.
toy pedal airplane 03

Price $32.99

  • P-51 Mustang Jr. Pedal Airplane, blueprints and assembly plans.
  • Choice of simple plywood and rib & spar fabric covered wings.
  • Larger 14" wide cockpit.
pedal car tractor combo

Price $35.00

Farming Equipment Plans Combo

Kids will love playing farmer or pioneer with replicas of the originals -- replicas you can make using these easy-to-follow pedal car plans. SAVE $7 on this combo, but read more about each woodworking project separately here:

Grandpa's Tractor | Hay Wagon | Manure Spreader

You can order all three plans here and make a fantastic set of imagination building wooden toys. The authentic detail work on each project is shown with useful photos taken during construction. Full size patterns -- as you get with all our plans -- make your work even more enjoyable. Follow easy-to-read instructions in paragraph form which talk to you as a woodworker would.

tractor pedal car

Price $9.50

Foot Powered Farm Tractor Plans

Looky here. . .a small farmer. They're getting him started at the right age for both farming AND for woodworking. Kids really appreciate wooden toys, so get them started before they discover the video games.

Farm tractor pedal car plans come with a list of materials you need, photos, full size patterns where needed, and plenty of instruction to guide you. A painting guide is included, but look what you can do if you use your imagination -- the picture you see here is not a "promo" photo, but rather a picture sent in by a happy grandpa who completed the project. You too can make a super looking tractor just like this one. Try John Deere green, perhaps?

Tractor is 36" long, 19" wide, and 18" tall. Great fun to build and use.

pedal car fire truck

Price $9.95

Fire Truck Pedal Car, Plan No. 899

Designed with four- to seven-year-old firefighters in mind. Working steering mechanism, smooth pedal power. 48 in. long by 24 in. wide. Includes plan only.

dump truck pedal car

Price $9.95

Foot Powered Dump Truck Plans

Any child who is fascinated by heavy duty construction equipment will not be able to resist test driving this super project -- that pretty much makes every child on Earth a fan of this truck. Build it from one sheet of plywood and a few extra pine braces. Realistic steering and dumping functions.

These pedal car plans include full size patterns where needed, detailed measured drawings and instructions, plus a complete list of materials you need. Install a mechanism for pedalling, or leave it out and let the child use his feet like Fred Flintstone.

The truck measures almost 4' long and is 2' wide. Imagine the decoration schemes you could devise for this project. Add a horn, add lights. Hours of fun for the woodworker to build and hours more fun for kids to play.

army jeep pedal car

Price $9.50

Foot Powered Army Jeep Plans

Watch your favorite little ones stomp around in this rugged Willys style jeep for hours on end using their own two feet. By the end of the day they'll sleep well, adding to your joy in making this project. Easy to build steering mechanism and sturdy construction lets them go in all terrain feet will take them.

Painting guide is included for design shown, but the decorating options are endless, so don't keep yourself to our ideas. Pedal car plans include full size patterns, materials list, diagrams and easy to follow instructions are all included.

police pedal car

Price: $9.95

Foot Powered Police Car Plans

Police sedan can be decorated as shown, or change the paint scheme and make a general lee or other style of race car. You can make the car foot powered or pedal powered -- the plan gives you options for both ways. A project which is easy to make for the beginner or expert alike. 42" long, 2' wide.

Painting guide is included for the design shown. With this set of pedal car plans, you also get full size patterns, a materials list, exploded diagrams and easy to follow instructions.

More Pedal Car Plans

Free download copy of a battery powered half scale replica of 1901 touring car by George E Jones. Combination of metalwork and woodwork.

More pedal cars.

And now for something completely different - make at least ten different pedal cars with this do-it-yourself system.

Combining the build-it-yourself ethos of Tinkertoys and Erector Sets with the ultra-fun functionality of the Big Wheel, the Moov do-it-yourself pedal car kit is a must for parents who want to nurture their child's imagination. The Moov comes with a series of rings, axles, frames, and planks.

The Moov do-it-yourself car kit is so innovative that it's been nominated for several international toy awards, including the Dutch "Speelgoed van het Jaar" (translation: Toy of the Year) award for best toy of the year; the German "Goldene Schaukelpferd" award as best toy and the International Red dot design award for outstanding product design.

Feeling creative? Make your own custom pedal car based on these retro pedal cars. It is essential to have advanced woodworking skills and experience for this type of project.

Building a pedal car is great for a school class project, or even something for yourself and your friends to do.

Books on Pedal Cars

Flash back to the fun-filled days of your childhood! Pedal Cars traces the history of these popular and collectible toys from early tin models built near the turn of the century to the modern versions available today.

A delightful mix of contemporary color photographs and period advertisements, brochures, and black and white photographs portray the classic toys so many Americans grew up with.

Discusses manufacturers from each time period, as well as what kinds of cars were being produced, and which are the most valuable on today's collector market.

Includes a price and value guide.


antique pedal car

Antique Pedal Car

On display at America on Wheels Museum, Allentown, PA.

Forum for racing pedal cars.

Pedal car blueprints, mainly for adults, from American Speedster.

Two DIY pedal car plans, The Speeder and The Zephyr for kids, also from American Speedster. There are also hardware kits available.


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