Wooden Toy Wheels

How to make wooden toy wheels

Most of the time it is a lot easier to buy ready made wooden wheels, but there may be a reason that you will want to make your own.


drill press Use a drill press at the lowest possible speed setting.

The first step to making your own wooden toy wheels is to modify a circle cutter.

A circle cutter is designed to cut holes, but we want to use the leftover bit, that is the plug, to use as wheels. The cutters are shaped in such a way that it will leave a bevelled edge on the wheel.

How to turn a circle cutter into a wheel cutter.

What I did was to grind the bevel of the circle cutter on the opposite side so that the wheel came out nice and smooth. All I need to do now is to bolt the wheel into the drill and sand the edges smooth.


The photo shows a circle cutter in action. Note how the workpiece is clamped onto a piece of scrap.

Keep well clear of those spinning arms, and be sure to use a slow speed setting. Most circle cutters and wheel cutters recommend a maximum speed of 500 rpm.

wooden_toy_wheels_13.jpg With a nut and bolt to clamp the wheel in the drill, use a wood file to remove the bur and round off the edges.
wooden_toy_wheels_14.jpg Use a small sanding belt for a smoother finish.
wooden_toy_wheels_15.jpg For the final touch, plug the hole with a short length of dowel. Using a simple jig as shown clamped in place, drill a shallow hole with a 16mm spade bit.

More ways to make toy wheels.

To make small diameter wheels, use a wooden dowel cut into slices. The challenge then becomes to locate the center for the axle. This type of wheels may prove to be fine for small pull-along toys. Be aware that small objects may present a choking hazard for small children.


It may be easier to buy a selection of ready made toy wheels.

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