Wooden Toy Car

Making a wooden toy car for kids is great fun, perhaps even more fun than the kids themselves would have playing with them. Better than buying a toy from a store, this is one that you have made yourself, perhaps even designed yourself.

Making animated toys is a challenge, but it does have it's rewards. 

Could there be anything more satisfying than watching the kids play with the wooden toys you have made?

This free wooden toy car plan is inspired by the coupe from the 1930's, this roadster is fun to build.

Print ready PDF step by step instructions with photos are also available.

Free toy car plans easy to make this delightful toy racing car using only hand tools and bits of wood from your scrap bin.

Print ready PDF full size patterns with step by step instructions with photos.

The Batmobile has similar construction method as the racing car.

Clicking on the link downloads a file called *toy_car_batmobile1.zip* which contains the full size templates.

Download free full size patterns for this wooden toy truck

This example has been coloured with food colouring, but it also looks good untreated.

Simply print out these plans on your home printer, paste it on to a piece of timber and cut out the shape using a bandsaw, scrollsaw, jigsaw or a coping saw.

A selection of toy cars to buy from as little as $1.49

How to Make Animated Toys that that do all of these things: they walk, wiggle, waddle, wobble, whirl, swirl, stroll, stride, shimmy, shake, rattle and roll. How many more words can you think of? Probably more than you could shake a stick at.

Make wooden toy trains that excite the imagination of children and teach them hand-eye coordination with this special stacking wood toy train.

Make wooden toy trucks with one of the more popular books on making wooden toys. You do not have to have a great number of tools, and the projects are relatively easy for beginners. Surprise your family with these lovely projects from these easy to follow detailed plans. Even though these toys are not models it may take a fair amount of time, but the results are very satisfying.

More Wooden Toy Car Plans

Scrap Wood Cars Woodcraft Blueprints

With such a large variety of cars and trucks, kids will have a blast playing with these. The largest measures 3.5 inches tall and 12.25 inches long.

Price: $12.95

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